Casal Velino Hotel ...

  • Hotel Il nido

    Casal Velino

    The Nido Residence-Country House, rises at dead of a land rich in culture and in an un contaminated nature, where you can spend a very pleasant holiday. It' s the right point to visit the places more picturesque in the south coast of Campania. Historical and valuable itineraries to visit are not far away from ...

  • Excavations of Velia


    The ancient velia, the prosperous city of Magna Graecia, was located on the coast of the territory of Ascea Marina and famous for its important Eleatic philosophical school. The archaeological excavations have unearthed its remains that can currently be visited ...

  • Hotel Pica

    Caprioli di Pisciotta

    The "Pica Hotel" is located just 2 km from the center of Palinuro and is located directly on the beach with a sandy beach, at the foot of the hotel, which is accessed via a private staircase...


Casal Velino: Monuments...

    • • Carmelite monastery
    • • Madonna dell'Assunta Church, the year of institution is unknown
    • • Madonna delle Grazie Church completely covered by silver
    • • San Matteo ad Duoflumina Chapel
    • • Museum “Casa Contadina”

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